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Displaying My Caboose Off! - Amy Lynn - Another peek into my life - Fourth of July weekend didn't work out like I planned. Everyone I know was too active to do anything which sucked ass! This weekend is a makeup weekend, so Tracey will be in town, and we'll have to round up Veena, Emmy, and Stepanie (not that you know who I'm talking about), and have some overdue chick time. Excuses will not be toerated girls! We will get dolled up and head downtown where eyelash batting, and boys buying us drinks will commence! Then this sleepy damsel has a date with the sandman because I have not been getting any sleep in a lengthy time!

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With the lengthy dark days of winter, we don't have our usual bright warm light, so we have been having to come up with some interesting light of our own. These shots were taken at night with a multiplicity of technics, varying from unspoiled timed exposure (of 30 seconds), to painting Sienna with a rafter from a flashlight over a 10-20 2nd exposure, to a six 2nd exposure using a studio flash. This was a raunchy shoot for Sienna, holding herself very still on the narrow window ledge, pressed against the cold glass... The ones on the bench were not fairly as hard. It was kind of joy wondering if anyone in the nearby houses was looking up.

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