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Dear Kate, I love your site, only been viewing about Two months but well worth it. I married one of a set of twins Five years ago, After about Six months her sista Had some money problems and moved in with us. I know I married one of them but at times I'm not sure which one. The find excellent humor in keeps me (and others) confused as to which one is which. While their Identical, And I mean IDENTICAL, their personalities are as entirely different as they are a like. These Two photos are a ideal example of their difference. The wife's sis has no plans to budge out which is fine with me. Put me down as LUCKY MAN., and please don't use my e-mail, I hope to get more in the future, I just got a digital camera for my bday, from the both of them as a bounty. (A hint maybe). Well I got to go one of them just pulled up. (don't know for sure which one, and indeed don't care. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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