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When I think of Tea, the word uber-cute instantly comes to mind. She told me she found it a switch of rhythm to see so many guys find her both ultra-cute AND sexy in the comments to her pics. A dame this hot should not have self esteem issues, because she is so freakin' adorable. There were requests for more from this day, and I love these shots of her taking off her undies and showcasing that ultra-cute little round butt. I am helping her budge in Two weeks, and she is promising me a day of her time as a prize (I talked to her on AOL earlier tonight. Any ideas for pictures or movie for contributions or my site? I think Tea is up for lot more than her bashful nature would let on!

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No good story to this contribution, we had been out and determined to take some pics and desired to share them!! :-) Sorry that some people didn't like the "On the Stairs 1" set but then again, it seemed that a entire flow more appreciated them. Besides, I did point out that the reason they weren't nude was because I couldn't find it in myself to just post one of them and not the lot! You wished the naked ones, so here are a few, geysers more on their way. The people that actually bother to read the story (you're still here then?!) will notice that the set was "On the Stairs 1", that kinda suggests that there's more than one set coming doesn't it?! I know you're going to like the ones that are on their way even more! Thanks for the previousy comments, they truly are appreciated (I don't even mind the ones that criticise the picture style but please at least be courteous enough to leave a contact email!), they are what makes submitting pics worthwhile.

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