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Thank you all very much for all of the wonderful comments from last month. Over 600 Wow! I read every one and I am flattered. But I cannot believe that you all find me worthy of such kind words...Blush. It gets me excited knowing I am being seen naked by so many people and I am sure by people I know. Well these are a break from my mansion and yard work but were very scary to do because this is a very local State Park by my mansion with lots of hikers that caught me a duo of times nude and far away from my clothes. I was very embarrassed but also excited. Like I did once before, if anyone can guess where this is I will invite you to help take some outdoor nude pictures of me next time. It was cold outside and the water was freezing, can you tell? Also on the way home I drove nude for about 15 minutes with the sunroof open and boy was that supreme. Has to get dresses when I hit my street. Please leave your email so I can reply and if you know me let me know. But keep my name private ok? Hugs and Smooches TM

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