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Hi, good people. My friend Bobbi who posts all the time at Hidden cam Web keeps telling us what a joy place naturist can be, so I determined to attempt my luck with some spandex photos. I'm not sure if your folks will get into spandex, so this is kind of a gamble on my part. Let's see, I call myself Fuzzy Bunny, and I will be 41 on September 28. I am single, and I live in Boston. I love love love spandex, and I hope to get into spandex in a big big way one of these days by creating my own site. Here are some latest photos my friend Wink took of me in spandex. I hope you love them! Please let me know if they make the cut so I can send my friends to the page. Cheers,

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Well, I was attempting to be clever with the title (don't groan too loudly). I picked out this wild patterned underwear with hopes of wearing it in Mexico in July; somehow it never got worn (probably because I wore very little there to begin with.....but that's another contri!). I made up for it by wearing it around the mansion and as you can see, as a substitute bathing suit! What?! don't usually wear your stilleto high-heeled slippers out to the pool? LOL I do....And some days that's ALL I wear....hehe!! I expected you would appreciate these pix (a last ditch effort to recall the warm and sunny days of a Jersey Shore summer) since we are headed utter force into the holiday season and c-c-colder weather! Smooches,

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