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The photos are from a night out at a bar in abeach resort town on the East Coast while on our vacation. It's an outside bar with a tropical theme. The wifey wore a sundress to match the theme. She loves to display off her figure that she puts a lot of time in at the gym. She has always been a true exhibionist. The photos embark off with her looking out into the bay while luving drinks.You can see the air was cool. A table eventually opened up and then her showcase began, providing peeks of her well trimmed labia. I took a few mild shots of her, when a man came up and embarked talking to us. He mentioned Crimson Clouds and the conversation just embarked flowing from there. I embarked taking some wilder shots and then he dreamed to get in one so I could send him one. Then another man who had been watching from the side, came over and wished in on one also. They practically disrobed her as you can see in one of the shots. She let them sense her tits right then also. I didn't get that shot, I was too engaged watching for the bouncers. After the bar, we had to make a stop at the grocery store on the way back to the strand mansion. She popped up thru the sun roof and gave me a parking lot flash. The last few photos are of her shopping. She was looking for a good melon. Then she gave the stock boy a good look that was on the other side of the shelves. It was a pretty good night. Sorry to blur the her face, but the internet is a puny world. Hope you love.

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