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I spent so much time dealing with my taxes last week that it was nice to eventually take some chill time. I will never understand how the tax code can be such a agony when you don't make any money to begin with. I also got hit with a few friends that harassed me into being the sober one for their 420 celebration and it had me gravely stressed dealing with all there high asses! The one sweet thing about it tho is that I got to spend a lot of time alone in the motel where we were gonna soiree and I made everyone chip in and get me a day at the spa. I even had my very first real rubdown which was much more relieving then any I'd had when a dude would say 'let me give you a massage' and then he'd squeeze my shoulders for two seconds before attempting to fuck me. Why is it that guys think that is a slick move? The ironical part is that I got Indeed Truly Indeed revved on having those pro arms on me. When David displayed up he said I looked relaxed but all frustrated and joked that I couldn't get a blessed ending. I gave him some shit back asking how he knows so much of the lingo and he told me to shut it. HA! Looking at these I can see it cause I don't normally look fairly as chill, tho' some I do find it crazy when some feedback and emails thru our site say I look tipsy off my bum at times! And to those who wanna be hating on me for having some numbers on my tee-shirt, I suggest some words of wisdom: Don't hate, participate! HAHAHA

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Lunch In The Park - It was a nice fall weather and Nymphomaniac had the day off so, she came to visit me for lunch. Not wanting to be stuck around the office we headed over to a nearby park for some joy. The ones by tree were facing the path all the joggers were taking back to the parking lot. We might find some more if the comments warrant it, let us know what you think! Comments for photos: 1. Effortless embark, inbetween two hills, only the people right in front could see me if they weren't too active looking at the sea. Two. With this sun, I can slightly see you never mind the people on the path. Trio. I see someone headed this way. Four. Warm, bright sunshine.... Why are those guys looking at me? You'd thonk they were looking at my bra! Five. Too warm for the G-string! Six. Heading back to the truck, there's this nice tree at the top of the path... 7. You like this look better? 8. I wonder if those joggers can see me thru the trees? Nine. He didn't notice the boulder-holder, not sure if he witnessed my knockers, let's see if he notices this? Ten. Don't know about him but, I seem to have your attention.

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