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I'm borrowing my husband's voy-zone username so I can surprise him and his best friend (D3) who joins us regularly for threesome joy. They don't know I'm posting - I said I didn't want the pics to go public before - but I hope they'll be revved on by me putting them here. D3 said to me once that voy-zone doesn't have a patch on me - obviously he's a bit biased as there's fountains of horny pics on here. But what do you say? Does he have a point? I'm particularly keen to know what the women here think as I'm dying for a female addition to our joy. If you like what you see, I'll post in colour next time ;-)

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I am just an ordinary married woman, I do not want to exchange colleagues. i do not like strong porno. I am average looking. BUT i have an urge collective by my hubby to get in contact wit other couples who like me want to lift up their skirts pull their knickers down and let others see their hot box. I want to disrobe naked and display myself and let others see me, comment on my little jugs and demonstrate themselves off to us. I want my hubby to pull his jeans down and demonstrate off his hot shaft, and others spouses to do the same for me. I dont want faceless people, we want couples who are proud to demonstrate everything off and get hot like we do. will anyone write to us and send their photos? We would like couples from all over the world to write to us

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