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After reading all the hot comments for my hubby's former contributions from our last holiday, I couldn't help but my mouthy cunt got utterly humid. Since hubby was away and couldn't suck my humid vulva lips,and pound me hard til i writhe and jizm, I determined to use my lovely fucktoys and made a close up vid.. I was so horny and had to spunk a few times,i was so horny from reading the comments that my bud was so sensitive and i came just by pawing the big dick head against my clitoris and my taut arse hole....Hmmm..I just love to play with both my slots every time I masturbate. I hope you guys will love as much as i did while reading year all your comments...

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Greetings, salutations and P.D.P.M.E. Well after something like two years of visiting the voy-zone (the last word in free sites) I am ultimately able to give something back. This very first set was taken at the Searing Man Festival in Blackrock Nevada in, I believe 1997. Please title this set "Nubile Women at BM Hotspring Oasis". This was an amazing event and I hope these pictures will convey some of the atmosphere, particularly the hot springs where most of these were taken. Some of the photos are taken from a larger collage, the entire of which was much larger than 640pixels. I made the collage because many of the pictures were fairly petite and I thought nicer shown together to save space. Camera was a cheap 35mm but I thought some shots came out pretty good. I am sending nine pictures in all for now in three separate emails I would love to see more people's photos from searing man if they have some. Sorry for the length of the message, props to Kate, u the man, much love to Allysa and the chicks, 4:20 and one love - P.S. Kate, if you would like, I will send the total collage if you do not mind receiving a file slightly larger than you choose.

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