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Hi again to everyone, Scully and Mulder here. Everyone was so ecstatic on the baseball series telling us that we don't post too much that we're back for another set. Thanks again to all the nice people who leave us such flattering responses. We read them all and we indeed love them, even from the Yankee admirers. A warning to CAPSLOCK and others like him: this set is pretty tame. We were out for a hike at a nearby trail and I wooed Scully to flash me a little bit. And if she does it I have to, too. A duo of joggers came out of nowhere right after we finished taking pics! If we'd have been caught that would have been the end of Scully's posing most likely. And to the people who got Scully's age wrong, she's 25. Enjoy! (KC and TJ, now you have to take some outdoor pics, too!)

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Hi naturist Team and all of you Fine viewers. The comments from the Kate & Truckers series was compelling and WONDERFUL! We are planning a journey to several Caribbean islands in March. Kate is getting all excited about the info I have gotten on the topless/nude beaches. She determined to attempt on a duo of apparels for me. She posed for me outside in the spa to get the see thru effect on the pink suit. Then got bolder, as usual. The neighbors didn't make complaints. We ordered another bra-less suit and more see thru tops for the tour. When those come in I'll take take some more pics for all of the superb people who are kind enough to take the time to make comments on the BB system.

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