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Hi Kate and Crew! Well, it's been about a year since Phoebe and I posted our very first set together and we thought we were lengthy overdue to do it again. Here's the story: A duo of weeks ago, Phoebe and I, along with our hubbies, went out to dinner and a club and then for a dip in our pool. The pics are from our midnight swim. Lora's hubby took the pics, while Phoebe's hubby watched...his webcam was on the wink. Sorry, but we left behind the camera when we retired to the spa, so you'll all just have to use your imaginations for that part! We are working on more sets together briefly as well as with some surprise guests. (Guess who!) We both have fresh solo sets posting in Private Shots and Nude in Public as well. Thanks for all of the support of the superb staff and devotees of voy-zone. We wouldn't do it if you didn't make it so much joy. Hope to hear from all of you out there on the BB. Smooches,

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Also known as, KCat's Pamela Lee Impression! hehe. It's kind of become a ritual of ours that if we're on a lengthy road excursion, I have to give my driver a oral pleasure. It began on our very very first tour down when we had been dating for a few months & I was still attempting to make an impression him. But now I have to do it *every* time! As lengthy as I get to bring my little blue electro-hitachi, I don't mind however. :) Inbetween me sucking his shaft, attempting to hold the flick camera & attempting to drive, when he came he had slowed all the way down to 60 km/h! The highway we were on had a 100 km/h speed limit to give you an idea of how slow that was. Don't attempt this at home, kids! hehe

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