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Wow - I love eyeing all the other beautiful women from Arizona posting; Amy, Lora, Sandy and Lisa Arizona just to name a few. I just had to leap in and flash the entire naturist Community that there is one other beauty in Arizona, my Sensuous Sam. It's been a while since Sam posted but you all loved her last time and I sure did love reading all the comments with her. I'd say with all this beauty it's time to have the next naturist Soiree right here in the valley of the sun. Kate, Asher and team, keep up the excellent work and now on to the voluptuous subject at palm. These are some of my dearest shots of Voluptuous Sam and I hope you all love and give us slew of comments and suggestions. Peculiarly love the comments from other people right here in Phoenix. Lately she has been taunting me about a bisexual scene, so ladies let her know how you sense. Who knows, that sexy woman you were following in the mall just might turn out to be Sensuous Sam.

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Thanks for taking time to comment on my April Nine contribution. Your comments indeed do help! Clearly there is a split inbetween you who like the artsy stuff, and those looking for more gonzo contributions. Next time, I will attempt to get more explicit. Any suggestions of what you want are appreciated. As for this set, I was out looking for a location for a joy style shoot, and stumbled across this building, set back maybe 100 feet from what I THOUGHT was a remote road. I must have attempted to avoid being caught by about two dozen cars in the 15 minutes I was there...naked with nowhere to go (I'm sure a few eyed me, but didn't cause problems). I left the clothes in the car as an extra adrenaline rush! It was GREAT! I'm still looking for someone to help out with my picture taking (participation IN the photos not necessarily required... but I won't make complaints if you do! hehehe) Anyway, thanks again for your encouragement. I attempt to react to those nice enough to leave a message. Thanks for the awesome site and permitting us to be here.

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