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Last weekend Sierra and I took a tour to South Lake Tahoe, NV and stayed at Caesar's Palace. We got the water in the jacuzzi so hot that we almost passed out after sitting in it for 15 minutes or so (that also explains the crimson bootie (grin)). Please tell all your viewers that we ALWAYS send cootchie shots. This is the fourth time we've submitted photos and every time the person making the comments has eliminated them and posted only the tame photos (the cunt shots weren't explicit, either... just open legs). Then we have to put up with all the bitchin' and moanin' on the message board. There are *6* photos being sent with this email. SO.. please count how many are posted before determining to bitch about no beaver shots. We sent 'em! And to the vast majority of posters who say good things even sans the cootchie shots, you all know that the missing pics arrive in your email box. Keep postin' those comments. We love reading them.

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Hey dude. Check out the fresh set I made for us!I am going to begin instructing a fresh class and had to go get all my certifications updated. As you guys know, I am an instructor at the local gym. What you might not know is that I've kinda let myself get out of form, sooo ... I took some pictures of some yoga poses and made a set for you. Now, if you would be so kind, help me track my progress!!! I'll do another similar set in Six weeks and we will just see how far I've come! If you have any questions about what the names of the poses are or if you think you have a good guess let me know in talk or shoot me an email! Wish me luck!!

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