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Hi to everyone out there in naturist land from Finland :) Eventually we got our Four restrain bondage series ready for you.With some goodwill from the naturist team this very first one will go to PS. We're fairly fresh into restrain bondage, but gosh this is indeed something :)) After gotten into this can't think of anything more stimulating. It's simply just so immensely erotic - being tied up of T's careful and loving palms, the sensing of the cock-squeezing ropes around J's tits waiting to be sucked, the crotch rope stimulating the bud and not to leave behind the spunky love making... All what it's about in its own beautyful way is love, passion and trust inbetween two people. We've attempted to reflect this special mood also in the series. Of course we're aware that s/m doesn't appeal to everybody. If you don't like, don't bother to waste your time here. If you do like it, pls leave a comment - they will be read with pleasure and make us horny... Love :))

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Thanks to all nudist's team for their kind hosting and HI to all friends around. Back from my vacation in Cote d'Azur I like to propose you some fresh pics. Thanks to all for any comment and a special thanks to "the Professor". xoxo - Irene Al ritorno dalle vacanze vi propongo gli scatti fatti in Costa Azzurra. Se vi piacciono ne invierò ancora. Ringrazio anche le amiche e gli amici tanto carini che hanno inviato mail di approvazioneal mio precedente contributo. Spero inoltre che questa serie finalmente soddisfi l'ovviamente anonimo "Professore T.d.C.". Sebbene si viva nella stessa regione, spesso esprime, nei suoi contributi, grande disapprovazione e lamenta con toni "par suo" che faccio vergognare sia lui che l'Italia ( addirittura.....!!!!) per la mia cellulite. Io non credo di essere poi così masculine come lui afferma, .....ovvero dovrebbe rileggere ((Le renard et le raisin )). Voi che ne dite ??La pensate come lui?Bacini da Irene.

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