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Goldilocks, Goldilocks, let down your hair...Ah, dammit - Rapunzel, but you get the drift. Here's a quick probe for devotees of natural strawberry blondes - took her time to get naked, did goldilocks, and had her own teddy with her to rubdown. ===================================== There was something in the air that day - me - and a gale force wind but overall she was a nice surprise on a quiet fall sand. As usual, I don't shoop the shots or pay clones to pose so if there's not Ten with tastey bits on view make your mark and I'll spin the missing to the asking; There are no numerous personalities scrabbling about for yankee dollas - there's only one Sandfly ;)

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The weather has a superb effect on me sometimes where I cant help but be perky when the sun is out! I spent hella time away with David for some summer work retreat his company was having and the mood just solidified me coming outta my funk! I even got my bang-out drive back but it never left fully so that was a good thing. We spent alot of time outside and I have been wokring on my suntan a bit but I truly delve that I cant escape all this lovely sunlight! And when my skin isnt as pallid I am much more convenient displaying it off but it ain't like I've ever needed much of an excuse in life to eliminate clothing in the right situations. Tho' I think having had a drink or two at least I can blame it on the alcohol (all you chicks know what I mean)! I've been making it a point to take more pics and spend some time l-i-v-i-n' and we've been hella ecstatic about getting good stuff for here and our site. I want to be inspired by some fresh requests, and I'm up for a challenge LOL. These summer days are slipping away!

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