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A beautiful summer afternoon day, and David and I were both off. I picked out something suitable to wear for more public displays of, ah, affection... a little fresh milky micro-skirt and my lovely pink tank top (be sure to read carefully). Didn't seem like anyone indeed caught on to us, which was a major frustration. All those businessmen talking about their portfolios, take a look at me and I can raise something else for y'all. Afterwards, we went to the park and I fucked myself with one of my massagers. We got all of that on movie, so if we get some superb responses, David and I might just let you observe. Taunt ya soon!!! xoxo - Skirttease

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Over at the CBB (Contributor's Hangout) we have this "profile picture theme" going. Somebody chooses a theme and everybody uploads a picture in the profile that matches the theme..or invents a good excuse why it should match :-) We've seen veeery weird things..LOL..but then it's always joy and a fine way to get to know the co-contributors finer and appreciate them even more, every day. A suggestion came up that it might be joy if I made a utter contri of some of my profile pics..well LS & goes...with the "Groovy Cat's" activities at the CBB (Thank you Sushi for the name..LOL). Hey, are all wonderful people, sexy, alluring, joy to suspend out with and I thank you for being there !

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