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Sydney and I have been talking online for over a year now, but we eventually met up in person last week. The very first night I messaged her thru AIM, she seemed cool, plus she lived nearby. She seemed open and was flirting pretty intensely online, and after awhile she even suggested we have phonesex. She was flakey about meeting up tho, which is always bothersome. Maybe she was intimidated about the hookup stuff we discussed, or by the pics I flashed her that I'd taken here and on my site, but I figured she was all talk. Frustrated, I gave her some shit about being a taunt. I thought I'd insulted her, and didn't see her online for awhile. But then she re-appeared and IM'd me last week. I must've IM'd her on the right night, because within 30 minutes she was driving over here. The jokey thing is that I couldn't recall her very first name! I was afraid I'd offend her by asking when we were going at it, so I waited until afterwards. She seemed kind of pissed, but laughed it off. Everything else must've been okay tho' because I've seen her two times since then and we've been taking a lot of pictures together. And because I told her I would, let me state for the record that Syndey is undoubtedly NOT all talk!

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I peviously submitted the very first Ten of these Twenty one photos as Dormitory LUCK #P1800 back durring the very first week of January, but they were never posted (I checked every day). So I diminished the size a little and scanned in 11 more photos of the same series. I am submitting as three seperate zip files each containg 7 JPG's. The story is ordinary luck. My gfs friends webcam to visit me. Me and my roomate commenced joking around about a photo session and before we knew what was happening they were naked. My gf refused to participate but remained in the room attempting to divert me in her special way while my roomate snapped these photos. We never touched the women but we were very blessed just to have seen them in this way. I don't know the last doll. I found a string of three negatives in an old desk that was sitting in the garbage. Somehow I just knew to look behind the drawrs. My mate thought I was nuts looking in an old rotting desk, so I explained that sometimes nude photos fall behind the drawrs and are forgotten. Two seconds afterwards I pulled out the negatives. I may never win the lottery, but that was true luck.

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