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Linked are a few pics for the voy-zone guests. My lovely spouse of 30 years and I are in our fifties and are luving every minute of it. Nothing like a quiet candlelight dinner, a duo of heating drinks and a digicam to make any evening a delightful practice to remenmber. Sorry there're no tattoos, ropes & chains, pierced parts w/rings, cucumbers, Gillette tracks, etc., but we're just naturaqlist at each his own, as they say. voy-zone has taken on a fresh life with you at the helm, Asher. I never cease to be amazed at your wit, originality, perception, depth of thought and, most importantly, your treatment of contributors with respect, regardless of your private feelings about a particular contri. voy-zone is a damn joy place to visit...great pics and some side splitting chuckles to begin the day off right! It don't get much finer than that. Keep up the good work. By the way, I randomized the pics to see if I could fuck up the nudistrandomizer....hehe. Yep, Asher, you know about the..... Blessed Fresh Year from both of us to all the nudistCrew and naturist visitors. Regards,

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Hey Gang! This is our 3rd contri, 1st Two were "NIP", this one's for "Private Shots". This is my beautiful wifey & mom of Four children. She is 35 years old and looking GOOD in my eyes! Hope in yours & viewers as well. Thanks for all the wonderful comments for "Joe's Toy" & "Two Beloved Toys". Those that had bad comments need to wake up and realize that all women aren't Legal & 100 lbs, with faux tits! This one is 100% "real" from head to toe! We had a blast taking these, there are 8 here and 8 from the same night for afterward. :) Positive comments & suggestions will ensure more pics. Thanks,

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