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Since we have gotten so many, and such positive comments on our very first time posting, here we go again. With another set of pics from the same evening. We can tell we had fine joy, and we meet sometimes just for a dinner out, nothing more. When we sense like playing we do it. We are experienced in many delicious erotical situations. But always we attempted to have it on an higher level than the average "fooling around". When we like to play, we play totally sans any "borders". Do what you want to do... And we like to conserve the joy with our digital camera. For the years to come. It might not be that way in ten years time... Take your time & Have your fun!

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Very first and foremost, THANK YOU to all of you who proceed to support me and leave me superb comments! I can't tell you how much your words make me smile. Here's a series of shots we took outside at the clubhouse up the street. An online friend of mine sent me the apparel and I desired to take pictures in it for him. Since it went along with the theme this month, we combined both efforts into one shoot. These aren't as creative as the last set but I'm not sure how to duplicate that creativity w/o simply copying it. I hope these aren't disappointing in comparison. Thank you again and may happiness embrace you all!

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