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Howdy Again Kate, We know Kate loves SEE-THRU, so we are sending the rest of the shots from the photo session that was ANNE N #3 ST. ÝFrom the comments on the BB, we know that the majority of the viewers would rather see her in the buff, and will honor your request in the near future. Just a note to the viewers. At the beginning Anne was relay reluctant to pose. Now, she cant wait to read the comments, and bugs me to get the camera out of the closet for another session. You Viewers have truly helped her self-esteem. Thank you again. Would you please label these shots Anne N #4, thanks. Ý Ha Kate, What did you do before the voy-zone??????? I think everybody would love to know a little bit more about you, We would. Thanks,

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Hi, and thanks once again to Kate, Asher, Sailor, Jerry, and the rest of the fine naturist squad. You do such a fantastic job with this site, and we appreciate your efforts. We also appreciate the lovely ladies who are willing to share themselves with us. While my job may require that I sundress professionally, I can still wear those see-through tops under a glaze, those sheer undies under a microskirt or pants, and it makes me perceive so sexy! If only those visiting my office knew what I was wearing, or what I might be doing when no one is around............ Thanks to all who take the time to leave your comments. Those leaving a valid E-mail address, will receive a reply. Smooches,

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