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My Paramour, yes my paramours because I am married But my hubby does not fulfill at all, so my boy friend 20 Years older than me is whom truly is growing me all over fucky-fucky, BERA, Mexico, April 2004 Needy utter of passion wanting someone Anyone hold me sense me I lie awake here my mind drifting leisurely The velvet of a tongue runs over my naked self taunting here and there, touching not only my skin but my soul. Sensations rush thru me ones so pleasurable Yet so close to ache. It fulfills me but for a moment only. What happens when it's gone? This Moment? Will I once again be alone in darkness in my own self-pity? The sensations escalate higher and higher. Pleasure or pain? It's hard to decipher. Palms everywhere inwards and out. Hard and soft, Rapid and, slow... am I fulfilled or empty? It’s all the same Our voices grow louder or is it just mine? Rapture consumes me. An explosion... Then muffle, as I am once again alone my phantom paramour gone, sensing empty bitterly I smile For a moment I had it, The thing they call love, even passion Yes for a moment I had it, a orgasm, an end!

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This is my wifey "Petite Dancer". She is under 5' tall. She, like many others, didn't think she compared to many of the other women on naturist. And thanks to all your good comments on her preceding contributions, she now realizes what I have been telling her all along, that others would find her attractive. Because of all your nice comments she has continued to post. This has been a superb boost to her low self-confidence. This is her very first photo session of pictures taken specifically for naturist. Keep in mind these were taken Three months after having her 2nd child. Many of you have requested this one. This is part Trio of the series. She has personally reacted to everyone that has left an E-Mail address so far. Please proceed to let her know what you think of her. Sorry for the blurred face, but that was the deal. Please do not post our E-Mail address.

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