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After her finish conquering of my coffee table, Kira hit me up online and began taunting me with the idea of another attempt with the cutting block island in my kitchen. She liked that there was such a good response to the pics we attempted there, and we both agree they are some of the most joy we've taken and sent in or posted on our site. I warned her that I was going to get some different angles, and I may get down below for some finer shots of her labia and bum. Kira was a bit bashful about that idea, and she joked she could just attempt and do a bridge of headspins on there instead. She was loosening up during a massive TV catchup marathon we had (thank you, Tivo!), and when we went to cook dinner, I held her to taking the pics very first. She was a bit tired, but it was worth it to feed the more pressing appetites very first.

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Greetings to all of you at naturist. Specially for the users ;) They're (we're) the ones that make this possible. Welllll, about these shots. I just got a fresh digicam - not a good one - and wished to attempt it, before using it in the REAL model, my 21year old girlfiend. But just wasting photos isn't my type, even if they're digital, and so I determined to give a treat to all the 2.331 gay-for-pay or bisexual gals that check out naturist. Don't know if you'll like it, but, it's just a test. The real ones to go after, if it comes out good. Thank you all!!!!!!! and....... iydmtf,pdpmetysm*! *If You Do Me That Favour, Please Dont Publish My Email Thank You So Much!

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