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I am indeed liking all the sexy comments you guys are posting. You indeed know how to flatter a woman and turn her on at the same time. How would you like to see me unwrapping very first thing in the morning? These pics are of me taking off my black nightie and posing on my couch. I can't wait to read your comments. You guys can be so insane, sort of makes a chick wild too. The nightie only lasted for two pics. pic 1 - my black nightie pic Two - demonstrating off my tits pic Three - you want my undies off too? pic Four - anything for you guys pic Five - now what made this hard? pic Six - how is this pose? pic 7 - pic for the butt paramours pic 8 - flashing everything I got

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I have seen gyms in Hotels before, but have never been game enough to go in and use the equipment - I haven't desired to look like a accomplish idiot in front of the people who know how the apparatusis supposed to be used! But at this Motel it was tucked away next to the pool and sauna, and it never seemed to have anyone in there. Well, of course once we went down there (in the only apparel I had that could loosely - very loosely!- be described as gym wear) there was this big fellow reallyworking hard on the machine. He ultimately finished, and went in for a swim. Taking advantage of this window of chance I leaped on the machine, and Thorn took some shots. It was truly jokey because he was telling "now pull down on the handle!" , and I was tightening so hard that I thought I would burst out of my ... well ... whatever you would call that outfit! The machine was obviously set with a heap of more weight than I could move! We couldn't work out how to adjust the thing, but that problem was solved when the fellow came back in, and did it for us. Of course that left mefeeling very embarrassed and very exposed! Anyway, after all that, I do hope that it was worth it! @--}

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