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These are some shots from over two years ago when I was about six months knocked up. It was Christmas Day and we went for a picnic.The weather was very hot so I went swimming, and it was delicious in the water - even tho' my Mum was there I couldn't fight back unclothing down. My spouse just happened to have his camera handy, with a his usual slide film, and took the five knocked up shots (three are the swimming ones). The other two pictures are more latest (early this year), but since they also come under the nude-in-public banner I added them on. These are for those people who have asked for preggo pictures on the BB. Since we ultimately havea slide adapter (came with our fresh scanner), Ihave at last sent them to you.

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It's jokey to me that one of the few times Kira isn't humid is when she gets out of the bathroom. I mean, her assets is soaking, and she maintains some moisture even after she towels off, but she does dry up fairly a bit down below. One of the very first times she IM'd me online--before we met up the very first time, hooked up, and took pics for our site--she spent a good five minutes telling me about how much humidity there is when she gets truly revved on, and it only took a little bit of mental stimulation for her to perceive that way. After I asked if she had ever tasted herself, she blushingly admitted she had and it truly revved her on. I asked her what it tasted like on the phone and urged her to taste herself for me and give me a description. I must say that her take on it--a mix of cinnamon and honey--was fairly accurate when I tasted it the very first time. I had her touch herself then taste it, then I smooched her right after. In some ways it was more erotic than going gay-for-pay for the source, but I would be hard pressed to choose inbetween the two. This night in particular, I think she must have been a bit tapped out after our earlier open up, but post-shower it permitted me to get some good detail in these pics.

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