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I sent a contri in last week, but it was deemed to hot for private shots and went into voy-zone, so I determined to attempt again. I was asked at The Converse Room to do a kilt set so here it is. Don't be disparaging about guys in kilts. We don't wear them all the time - just special occassions and to support Scottish football or rugby teams. Women love it . It seems to be a women's prerogative to go to extreme lengths to find out if a man is a 'True Scotsman' or not. The kilted boy can just tell the reaction, but that is too effortless. He can also flash whats under it if he likes. The best way is to be a bit coy and tell the damsel she'll have to find out for herself, which, depending on the amount of alcohol involved - can get interesting. So ladies, next time you see a man in a kilt - you'll know he truly wants you to ask, 'Are ye a True Scotsman' I'd be delighted to get some constructive comments on possibilities for the next contri, assuming the replys are going to be favourable. Thanks voy-zone. pdnpem

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Kira contacted me very first on AIM, and I was intrigued that the smalltalk gave way to the occasional blunt comment. It was different, but when I pressed her for details I like that she unsheathed how she considered herself a taunt. At that point, she had only been with two guys, but she was nosey about so much sexually that I knew my patience would pay off in time. She was gone for the most of last winter working at a ski resort, and then she spent this summer lifeguarding. Therefore, it's uncommon that I get to see her, but when it is usually in the middle of the night when I do, and she tends to open around me (pun intended). She has mainted her fascination with voy-zone and my site and I have taken photos of her every single time we've dangled out (it's remarkable what bringing your camera along will do). These are some of my dearest shots because they showcase ideally what a taunt she can be, and ultimately, when it all works out, how she can supply.

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