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Hey voy-zone, My bf and I are big admirers of the site. We eventually determined to contribute something. I linked some pics of me and my bf at a Pimp and Ho soiree in Las Vegas this past Labor day. Let me know what you think. If the responses are good, we will commence sending some of the gonzo stuff we have taken of us having hump in public. The very first six pictures were taken from inwards the soiree. We took pictures of femmes that I made out with at the soiree. =) We had a lot of joy inwards, so when we got outside in the parking lot we determined to take some more pictures in front of a lot of people and I determined to touch myself to their approval. Thanks,

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Originally there were other pictures and a story in this contribution, but voy-zone is inconsistent in enforcing their rules about what's permissible. I am guessing that these pictures are safe, but I might be wrong again. Who knows? After two preceding rejections, I figure this one will also be unacceptable, but if it is take it at face value only: it's a 3rd attempt to submit pictures after going thru all the trouble to have them taken. There won't be any others after this one, as the arbitrary picture rules enforcement combined with the "Join-voy-zone-to-see-your-contri!" mentality has left a bad aftertaste. Of course, you most likely won't read this anyway...

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