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Asher Here are a few pics taken in our bath. After reading the notes sent in with most pics it seams I have forgotten a few things like - please blur the shampoo bottle ( cause my wifey is waaaay too beautiful to cover up, and - P.D.P.I.M.T (Please Don't Piss In My Tub) or what ever that is suppose to be. These pics were takes one night when I came home from work to find her in the tub( with rose pedals ), as you can see it didn't take lengthy for me to hop in(she now insist that I include a pic of me when I send them in - to showcase everyone that I am her man). The last Trio are just joy with mirrors. Hope you love and as always can't wait for the comments. To reaction a few more questions yes she is married to me, no I am not rich, and NO ASHER YOU CAN NOT HAVE HER!!!! ( I am watching for trucks ). PS taken with a Polaroid PDC640 she got me because she loves to be photographed and I love to take pics of her.

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*LG* Rose, back in the Tropics The 2nd contribution I ever sent to naturist, in early 1999, was a series of pictures taken of me in this very same underwear. These were among the very very first photographs of this kind that I had ever consented to have taken of me, and I had never even heard of nudist! This undergarments has always been a particular beloved of mine, and it seemed suitable, when we were in a similar setting to the very first pictures, to take them out and do it again. A entire lot of things have switched since then, but perhaps the most significant from my point of view is that this time it somehow seemed natural to take them off! *LOL* I hope you love these as much as I loved going back in time. Rose @--}----

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