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This garment does it for me. I perceive so sexy when I wear it, and when my beau is taking it off of me. Thanks again for all the excellent comments and votes! I hope I sent everyone a nice pic of me if you guessed the city from my outdoor shots! I have included a duo of suggestions in this contri. I want to say hi to Dr Pam, and to Patty (who sent me a pic in the greatest pink outfit). I am still considering a GG contri, and will very likely make the stir to voy-zone with the next set (so you dolls can eventually see my beau too). Will attempt to reply to everyone I can, but peculiarly the ladies in the comments! I just dreamed to add, I don't have a Fnudistsite...I just do it because it gets me off! The naturist team must be thanked for bolstering my already fine bang-out life! XO,

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