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During our November honeymoon, Moneypenny lost another bet. No not another OSU Michigan game like last year's bet. This time she lost a late-night, drunken, half-naked ping-pong game. Yes, I did win the 2002 OSU/Michigan bet, but that's another story that hopefully will yield more pictures. By the way, how ‘bout them Buckeyes!!! Anyway, these pictures were taken on the last night of our honeymoon in Jamaica-“mon.” As you can see, Moneypenny spends a superb deal of time in the gym. With PowerFlex, step aerobics, and spin classes, she has sculpted herself into a sleek and sexy hardbody. Of course, she doesn't think so and accordingly spends hours in the gym. Be kind with your comments and maybe we'll get to see more of Moneypenny. Cheers, Bond PS: "Part Two of Moneypenny has been moved to voy-zone because it was too HOT for Freestyle."

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Hi everyone! This is our very first posting on voy-zone. Some of you may recognize us from voy-zone.com, we are usually fairly explicit. Since we have never posted here we determined to tone it down a bit. We haven't posted anywhere in fairly some time, summer has been fairly active. We wished it had been active in other ways. Its hard to listen to a woman making complaints about not getting enough pussy,but hey, fall is here, kids are back in school, and its time to embark playing again. These pics are from our archives, but the camera has been cleaned up from all those nasty family pics of summer and is ready to begin takin some good quality pics of Jane again.

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