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Caitlin And The Wb - No, not Caitlin and the Warner Brother's Network, just the very not politically correct term of Wifey Beater. For some reason, she just loves to be photographed in these, we've done 'em over the years in a multitude of lengths in a diversity of locations. This one is pretty much my fave set of those. And, guys, recall that she asked me to photograph her in black and milky, the few color ones I've put up (with her permission) I sort of snuck in during our shoot. We didn't originally shoot these for naturist, just for her. This is the 2nd to last set we're going to put in for right now, so I hope you all love them as much as we have!

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Jewels - Some Older Stuff - Part 1 - Since my wifey has gotten some good reviews on very first post I coaxed her to let me post some more. These are actually from about two years ago before she had a baby. If we keep getting more good reviews more pictures will come. The next set could possibly be when she was Five months knocked up (just when her belly was kicking off to show). Hope you love and please leave comments. Since there were so many good ones we determined to do a two part series. Oh, she wants to see some of your pics. Email her at with couples or females only. She is not big into the crevasse dick picture thing unless it is in a mouth or twat. If she like what she sees, she may want to trade.

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