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Here are some pics of my brothers gf. I was snooping thru my brothers closet one night when he was out late and found a shoebox with a bunch of pictures and homevideos they had taken.That was the greatest moment of my life when I opened that box.Thats when I fresh I was a voyeur.Well I continuosley went back to that shoebox every chance I got. Her name is Jenny and I have always thought about what she might look naked. I love those Funobagos! But all good things must come to an end because I got caught one day. My brutha didnt make to big of a deal over it tho. But I was devasted tho because I fresh I would never see those pictures or flicks again. A few months afterward I checked his room again and he left the shoebox in the same place and there were some fresh ones he had added since I got busted. so I think he doesnt care if I look.But I still dont know if she knows I got caught with her pictures. I dont think my bro told her what happened. So I must cover her face so I dont ruin a good thing. If response is good on BB I can send many more. They have been dating for awhile and she ranges from 19-26yrs old. Please dont publish my name.

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Hi Everyone, Kate, thanks for the Nude in the Streets contest challenge! I think we've met the basic contest requirements here with lots of cars, people, and total nakedness. These Ten pictures were taken over the last duo weeks in the North Miami Plage area. I think a lot of tourists will have a story to tell when they go back North. So, if you naturist viewers perceive our contribution meets or exceeds the contest challenge, please let us know with your votes and comments. I read them all. Also, thanks for voting me 2nd place in December, I ultimately made it! I'll be waiting for the next contest, Kate! Take care,

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