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Demon Skating Again Three - Welcome at part 3! I determined to stop serving drinks to the clients because more and more people came in. And I desired to go up on the roof of that restaurant. I just don't know why, but it seemed very devilish to me to go up and be naked at the Top of that restaurant. Flashing myself to all the people around and experiencing the wind thru my hair and over my body.....and finaly the proprietor agreed. So in part Four you see me up on the roof. A Supreme HOT DEVILISH FEELING!!!!!! We also made one nudistversion but I still need to get permission of the holder to share it here. The temperature rised and also his temperature reached the devilish level so some unexpected things did happen, but sans his 'YES' I cannot put them here on the internet. I sure had a excellent devilish day and needed a cold public bathroom (see part 5) to cool down again. Have joy and thank you all for your superb mails!!DEVIL

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She has eventually won the battle. Despite my fears, she says because of your wonderful comments you deserve to see her face. We just ask that if you know her, to keep it to yourself and then everybody can love. This is her unveiling in more ways than one. You can now put a name with the face and figure. Jackie Lee just celebrated her 43rd bday, so the 42nhappy just doesn't truly fit anymore. She's older than me(still 42) and out of my manage. She even got a tattoo, a butterfly above her booty, but you'll have to wait to see that. And if some of you missed it, we were posted in Freestyle on March 20th as "No Problem Mon".

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