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well you all asked to see more in your comments to me on my last post dated 3-5. I was astonished how many comments I got and I am still attempting to email all of you back...I hope the PICS in the bathroom under the crimson light posts OK. I am a bit worried it will blur..... i am part of interracial Cpl. we like to trade PICS, webcam and maybe more with the right people ..and if not anything else make fresh kinky friends to laugh with...that don't think we are nuts or weird because we are very sexual people (bifemale or Cpl. with bifemale) we are very fresh too all of this so we are going slow and having joy. smooches

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Title: Grizzly Brook Stereograms This is our very first attempt at submitting 3 dimensional stereogram pic pairs - we don't have the technology refined yet, but we're getting there. The way it works is the viewer (you) needs to get your left eye looking at left photo while your right eye is looking at the right pic. The results is a 3 dimensional effect where the pictures emerges to have 'depth'. The technology for combining the pics is similar to random dot stereograms, so people familiar with those should do okay with these. There are two ways to accomplish the 3 dimensional effect, one is to sit about Four feet from the computer screen and get your eyes looking at infinity (that is, both eyes pointed gay-for-pay ahead as if at something a lengthy distance away - rather than Four feet the computer screen is). The other technology is to sit maybe 8-11 inches from the monitor and put a chunk of paper or cardboard from the nose to the computer screen so that each eye can only see one pic. Unluckily, we know many people will be incapable to get this effect - so they will be disappointed and we apologize in advance. For those of you who do get it to work it should be a nifty effect. Comments are appreciated, particularly on how well the effect works. We sent out these pics to a smallish test group of Crimson Clouds members already and the results were mixed, but some people did get it to work as expected.

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