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Here are some photos of me taken Labour day weekend at a lake in behind my cottage..It is very isolated and after hiking for about an hour we of course spotted no one the entire afternoon..after these were taken I got out my fucktoys and proceeded to have a very,very good orgasam laying under a tree..Maybe if this set is appealing I'll post that series in R/C..Be kind..and for all of you with the negative comments,why bother looking at me,just go jack off to a skinny teenager who is getting a vaginal exam..To all my "fans" thanks for being kind and I love reading your comments..I will post more tomorrow of this outing...

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We went on a excursion to South Texas to do a little fishing. We rented a boat and Captain for a Six hour excursion with anouther duo from Overseas. On our way out to sea we asked the Captain if we could go bare-chested. He said he would like that. After many beers and very little fishing my fresh lady friend and I determined to give the Captain a little taunt and a tip. As usual with the spouses pushing us on it became more than a taunt. This was so much joy because there were dozens of other boats in our area. Look for more shots on Nude in Public. Hope you love these and please hold the OLD FART comments. I know that I am 64 but I still like to have joy. After all we all age don't we.

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