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Sarah - Something On My Mind - Ever since my ex and I broke up, he E-mails me all the time. Pfff...when will he take the hint? Speaking of which, I have been attempting so hard to E-mail you all back indeed, but it's just taking me forever. 112 E-mails! I'm so sorry to those of you that I haven't gotten back to just yet. I promise, I'm not sending you any hints. You're not like Mr. Wonderful that I ditched about Three months ago. With so many E-mails, i want to give you all indeed heart-felt responses, not just something generic, know what I mean? With that said. Did anyone see my voy-zone post last week? I should appologize politely. I shouldn't let what people say in the comments section get to me like that. It's just hard when all you see is criticism. Please attempt to put yourself in my boots. With that said, I'll stop there. sigh-

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