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Here is my 2nd contribution, i have to thank all the good feed back i got from my very first post, we are having so much joy (neptune loves to take pictures of me and i love to pose). I know i didn't flash any of my assets on the very first one, but since you all beahave adorably all my secrets are exposed this time. I'amfor real, so only my face needs to be covered, has i have a carrear and family to protect. Thick smooches to all the couples that mail us, specialy to christian z, justustwo, and mostely to M and S from Germany. To all that: do you like what you see, fell free to express it thru the voting and a nice message, thanks.

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One day last winter, while the trees were nude, I noticed two waterfalls next to the interstate. Plantspirit and I snuck off on Saturday morning, Memorial day weekend while the kids were still asleep and went to find these waterfalls..again. Hidden by the bushes and weeds next to the engaged interstate highway, the forest were not only alive with the sounds of trucks and cars....but also the sound of clothes hitting the ground! Excited not only by the pleasure of paradise found....but also by the chance some nosey State Trooper watching our car by the side of the road who might investigate. Fortunately we went unnoticed. camera: Olympus C-3030z

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