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Masculine CONTRI !!! But, just for joy lets submit it to the general contest again… Furthermore, a fair amount of the contris on voy-zone openly solicit (especially the Masculine ones) for hook ups or tell of how they met whomever is in the contri on voy-zone. I just dreamed like-minded people to know I'm up for some joy. If you're interested, great! Drop me a line. If not and perceive the need to share why, I don't have a problem with that either, just attempt and be somewhat intelligent. But, if you are going to tell me what to do, you can just BITE ME! Now, for being over 30, Five foot 11 and 150 lbs, I think I don't look too bad, particularly after recently losing 40 lbs. Pencil Dick, perhaps. Notice, I did not title any of my contris 12-inch monster meat pole. But, for a broke culo dude, with no game, that generally smells bad, I still get to play with and photography lovely Twenty one yo ladies just for joy (no payment involved). So, I must be doing something right. Since, this was just for the (group) joy of it, these ladies were a bit larger than me. I am over average at 7-8 inches when fully thrilled and know how to (and do get to) use it. So, if you want a 12-inch manstick to pack a widely opened fuck hole, I have a knuckle, or, I'm not your man. No problem. If you are jealous, get over it, I understand they have pills for you now. Thank you, I suppose, for your jealousy. Next time, please express yourself in a manner more befitting the spirit of this site and lifestyle. If you cannot love the pictures in the spirit in which they were intended, I perceive sorry for you. Because after all, its just about having joy. If you don't like what you see, don't look. There is no need to get pissy. And, no! I am not from Oregon, cant you read good? Oh, and you left behind. Denny's dumpster diving, hair farming, sandal wearing, donk n feet smelling, mooch, drive too slow, weed smokin, no job havin, generally all around waste of sperm.... besides the fried chicken thing…. No, none of the pics with the exception of the last Four of part Two (very crappy pic quality) in any of my Trio contris have been posted anywhere before. I included these because (though it is difficult to see in the scan)there are Two - 21yo ladies opening their gullets in the last one. I didn't perceive like re-scanning it, I had other things on my mind at the time the picture was taken, so yeah it bj's. But oh well. The one you can't see is the dark haired nymph in the rest of the pics… I had sent in pics of these Two nymphs together in February. If anyone is nice, maybe I'll repost those, and fresh stuff. Have a nice day. :D -

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Darling so liked all the flattering comments on her last Exhibitionist Photos contri (while mostly neglecting the bashers) that she quickly agreed to the idea of another NIP photo expedition. At least NIP enough to qualify in Faq's eyes based on his kind comment on a thread discussing, "What is Exposed in Public?" This time she was courageous enough to give those of you clamoring for a spread at least a little view of the animal print g-string that matched her mini-skirt. If you'd like more please keep your compliments and ideas rolling in. There's no telling what we might be able to talk her into flashing if she gets enough encouragement.

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