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Howdy again Well, this is my very first outdoor set online. At a certain time when I took these pictures, the light transformed into a lightbeam thru the trees right on me. It revved out to be a spectacular lighteffect on the pics. It was as someone up in heaven revved on the light just to see me. I was honored, lol. I also have a spicy detail about these pics. At the moment that I was all naked a jogger came by who was very likely having the time of his life. After we were done and walked back to the car, he came back and while he passed me he smiled very timid. I bet he doesn’t come across naked women in the forest very often, lol. Last month in the PS section I asked to leave an e-mailaddress, but in the meantime I have something much nicer. I began a Yahoo Group for all my supporters here on naturist that enables me to get in touch with your wishes and desires (the old maillist was not very handy so this will substitute it).So don’t leave behind to visit me! You can also find me on the naturist Forum where I will be browsing for your presence. Hope you like my very first outdoor photoset. Love and smooches, xxx Comments on pics: Pic 1: Enjoy! Pic 2: Wasn't sure which side you'd like to see me when I arch over, lol. Pic 3: My buns, as promised! Pic 5: Your choice, me in my leopard print underwear or Xena, lol. Pic 8: This is what the jogger eyed when he ran by, lol. Pic 9: I thought it was pretty neat someone revved on the light in heaven to see me, lol. Pic 10: The sun on my assets is all I need. Uploading energy. Can you tell I'm a country girl? Lol

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SWA and I took these pictures during our time together at a local motel. I think you can tell we both found the practice to be fairly arousing. We will be traveling to Denver for a lengthy weekend in May. We have a standing No Underwear Rule that applies whenever we are together. SWA has a number of garbs that she will be wearing that will make our Rule evident to the casual observer. She will be hard pressed to hide her fantastic puffies and twat from view. It will be fairly titillating, as she's never shown herself to strangers before. We’d like to get some pictures for the EIP section. If any nudistmembers familiar with Denver can recommend any locales, particularly those with good food and drinks (and high bar stools and low pool tables), where they like to flash off, we’d be grateful. We will be staying at the Mon Chalet while in Denver. We’d love reading any observations anyone has about our motel of choice, too. We hope you love our pictures. We certainly luved taking them. We’ll have many more for nudistfrom Denver.

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