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It! So why am I glad my wifey is a proud nudistmember? Well, my feelings can very likely be best voiced in a photo contribution. Commencing with photo 1, it is always nice when you get home and the wifey struts out in a hot attire and says it is time for a fresh set of photos. Then, from the high mountains of the Tetons (her Tetons aren't too shabby either) to the valleys of the Grand Canyon, she has been willing to get naked at various National Parks. Hmmm, raunchy choice, photos of a sexy naked lady or cheesy postcards from tourist traps. Next, she desired to get naked for photos in the desert and in the water. Indeed, voy-zone is so good, she just had to share it with her friends. In fact, WyoRae says voy-zone is finger-licking-good. As for me, it is always nice to be able to say my wifey gives award-winning fellatios. Thank you to everyone at voy-zone that voted her the winner of the *RJ Red-lipped oral job.

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Oh, two things.... Very first, for those of you that like to whine about the "bluring"; STOP! I am sharing my assets with you because I like to showcase it; be blessed and appreciative that I do. The votes are nice because it shows your appreciation but are not the reason I showcase off. I just like being looked at and being fucked good by whoever I CHOSE and Hubby allows! If you behave, maybe one day Hubby will let you fuck me if I pick you.... Don't worry about the blur; trust me, you will not be desapointed and I know you would not turn me down if I dreamed you to fuck me. The question is, could you do it hard and nasty for as lengthy as I want you to?

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