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Every once in a while our friend Sara will come over to play with us. We've known her for a duo of years now and we always have a lot of joy when we get together. She's such a petite thing. Angelique is 5'6" 120lbs and Sara makes her look big. Sara has very blowable breasts and a very, very tasty labia that Angelique and I both love. I like to witness Angelique and Sara have some joy for a while before I join in. It's not truly like I have a choice. Until they've gotten their pack of one another I don't think I could wedge myself in with a boot horn. I don't mind tho. I know that I'll be in that tangled mess before too lengthy. And there ain't nothing wrong with watching two beautiful women get it on. Your worst day doing that is nicer than your best day doing anything else. Right? Why don't you come and witness with me for a little bit. They won't mind. They like to be observed. It truly gets them off.

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I have been a lengthy time devotee of both voy-zone and Crimson Clouds, and determined to go for it! I see the posts all the time of standard, everyday women (and men!) taking hot pictures of themselves and sharing them with the world! What could be more exciting?? In any event, a good friend of mine has a craps table in his palace, and I thought it would be joy to get a little crazy and take some pics on it! We had a few drinks and got the ball rolling. Before lengthy, I was completley convenient in front of the camera (maybe the alcohol helped a and unclothing down to nothing. I love to read all the comments, so I can't wait to hear what you think!! Look for part Two in Crimson Clouds soon! -Candy

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