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Hi nudistebbers, I'm Monnie [short for Monique]. Last summer a friend and I found out the naturist. We joked around about how we'd do if we posted photos on this site. We found a nice little isolated spot not far from the room we share [we're both school students] and thought it would make a good setting for some pics! I lost the spin of the coin and have to post my pics first- hers will go after briefly. Oh By the way, the haircut was something I did on a dare, letting it grow out now. I'll be sure to take more pics when my hair finishes growing out, lol ! Hope you like these, my friend and I can't wait to lay in couch reading all the comments. Recall, be NICE- I'm fresh to all this !

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The fresh fucktoy "Slim line vibrator" came today. Found the box on my kitchen table as I came in the front door from work. I couldn't wait to attempt it out. I wasn't the very first person to open my fresh fucktoy and not to mention my surprise bounty that came with. Customs had to very first take a look at before me. The bright pink is outstanding. Very sexy colour made me all horny just thinking about using it. The others fucktoys I have are not that bright a colour: silver, blue, light pink nothing compared to the bright pink. The plaything was amazing. Excellent stimulation speeds, loved the bulb at the end. Hit all the rights catches sight of to have me spunking within minutes only to do it again..again.. Hope you love the pics!! Love

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