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Hi It's Tyler again! Thanks to the kind comments about my last post. I determined to post what happened after I favored my BF, at our soiree with a BJ! In response to some of your questions, I did unclothe down before providing him a BJ, (Is there any other way to give a BJ? ;) ) and I didn't gargle everyone. I AM NOT a "PRO" or a hooker, (although I don't judge anyone!) I did however, take care of two pals of my bo, who are special friends! The popshots may not be clear, because I LOVE to drink, but one of them shot on his t-shirt, and you may notice some on my tongue when our friend in the green shirt,came, leaving his penis very raw in the PICS! These are scanty quality, as we were all pretty buzzed, but I hope you still love them, as much as I loved your comments. Leave a comment, or/and vote if you like em!

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Ok, I'm on my way out of here this week. but I do promise you this, I do plan on coming back to visit from time to time because those of you that know where I'm from, have been so dear to me. I can't wait to come back and suspend out with you all, those of you that were worth hangin with ;) Hey, I've never had devotees before I did this, and it's a perceiving that you don't want to give up. It's almost like we've embarked our own special club right? Well, don't worry, Adam has all the pics that he's ever taken of me, and he said that he will proceed to post until the pics run out. And after that...every picture of me will end up in our members section, and that includes everything I've posted on voy-zone as well. Just give him time, and you will see. Wow...I truly don't want to leave, and hopefully these won't be my final words. If they are, I will miss you all, and I do plan to return!

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