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Me at the beach? What a shock!!! Hehehe I am way to bashful to do true EIP type contris. The closest I can come to that is taking pictures outside. Web cam has to keep lookout AND take the pics, a much stiffer task than it sounds like. I took my undies off in the car and we walked in the direction of the water. No one was around so I could play on the plage for Webcam and do a bit flashing here and there. Of course Web cam was the only one getting flashed:0) Shortly after, some people parked and we determined to go a little further down the road. I switched tops and took the micro-skirt off and put a sarong on. There were more people out and about there so we had to walk a bit further from the car. We took those pictures in about Three minutes because people embarked walking our way on the beach! I donit know how the EIP ladies do it! I was a jumpy wreck!!! My hats off to Natasha, Amber, Heide, DDwife and all the other EIP queens:0) Iill stick to Free Style:0) Thanks Merci & Webcam Equipment: Nikon D1, Sun, and Sand

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Hmmmm...YEA!!! Back on voy-zone Before I describe the setting of the pics, I have to let everyone know about the title of the contribution. Jean-Pierre thought it would be hiliarous and I wondered whether most people would know of this joke. But then, I thought what the hell. What do you think? Search the web for the phrase "all your base are belong to us." As for the pics, they were taken in the Madonna Inn in California, where every room is a different shocking theme. Inspired by the joy of the surroundings, Jean-Pierre and I did several shots. There is a collection on the sofa, the rock waterfall bathroom, and the Chesterfield Couch. This installment is "Bijoux Rails & Takes It All Night Lengthy on the Chesterfield Sofa." Glad Viewing!!!

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