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Warning!!! This contri contains extreme piss pictures, so if you do not want to see those please go on to the next contri. It was one evening together with Lily and Joe. We had a good diner and wished to do something truly horny. After dressing up in underwear, spandex and boots we did spread out a sheet on the floor with some plastic underneath. Lily commenced smooching, caressing and draining me and the guys did there photo taking. We toyed with each others tits and sucked our nips. She got me so horny I asked them all to urinate on my snatch and bod. Laying there in our own little puddle sensed so good……….I know there are people who don’t understand the thrill of this, but believe me it is. Just let us and lots of others in the world love our excitement. We LOVE what we do and know that there are many people who love these contri’s. Thanks to them for there support. Oh and by the way we DO clean up after all this (~_*), so we DON’T have a smelly mansion. Love and Pisses

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This is the last of our cabin joy pics. To clear up some misinformation.... when we very first ran the very first pics in this series we were attempting to get together a couples soiree for mid August, which we had. We had 13 couples at THAT soiree, not when these pictures were taken. We usually photo our soirees but the one in mid august, the one with 13!! couples had alot of "newbies" so I didn't whip out the camera like I usually do. Don't want to make any fresh couples too nervous! ANYWAY we are having another soiree for Halloween, IF you are a duo in the SW Missouri, OK, ARK, KAN, or anywhere elsearea and you want to come here for it leave a email adress, I will write you with info, thanks

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