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I'm back again, and I've been Truly bad this time. No bullshit story or role-playing, just me versus three man-fans! I interlaced the pictures from the nudistcontri into the flick as transitions, which I hope you like. You'll note that I get a dual facial cumshot at the end. For the very first time EVER, I got two studs to spunk on my face at almost the same time! It was as AWESOME as I thought it would be (and, yes, bi-atch that I am, I sneaked tastes of both wads, and hubby caught me!) By the way, I know you all think I'm a terrible tramp. you're all even too inhibited to meat the dirty whore STCL. That's okay, these man-fans keep Spunking back for more, even if you don't! Want something SPECIAL for your inbox, though? Leave a nice comment and a superb vote with a valid email, and I'll make you think even LESS of me! PERVERTS!

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I thought I screwed up my computer, and I feared these pics were lost in the process. It was awful to go sans voy-zone for a few days, but my flatmate is rather keen when it comes to technology, and she was able to get me back up and running! This is the (long awaited?) conclusion to the voy-zone photos I sent Two weeks ago. They were taken when I shot the flick on my site (with the boy I was seeing). Many requested a blowage photo on voy-zone, and I am heating to the idea of sharing some outside of my site. It's a bit odd to put it all out there, but titillating in a way. Okay, enough babble - love the pics!

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