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Lily Eagerness - Saucy Mrs Santa - Merry Xmas everybody!!! Being in holiday spirit I clothed up as a sexy Mrs Santa and went for a walk in the forest nearby. Of course it wasn't lengthy until my mischievous self took over. Now, have you ever seen a Santa sans undies? I'm telling you, a few dogwalkers looked so stunned.They most likely thought that their Xmas wish came true for once! Their dogs looked queit confused too, but who'd blame them?You should see how the story goes in my other contries on naturist and Crimson Clouds. And there's a real feast for your eyes on my site, so treat yourself to a membership this Christmas! Glad Fresh Year bys and girls!!! Love Lily xx

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Dear Visitors, Squad and Kate. I'm sending these shots on behalf of Kristin, who went down with high fever the day after these pictures were taken. She's still in sofa taking turns shivering and steaming. Coherent most of the time she indeed likes the shots and asked me to send them to you. The reason for her predicament bondage is the sub zero wind chill factor on our little outing this last Sunday. The weather looked so sunny and inviting from inwards, but once we got out there ... wohouw. Not one to turn back Kristin ended our self-imposed assignment close to the coast in a little, old thatch roofed cottage that provided some shelter from the wind. I know you'll make her indeed, truly glad if you wish her a swift recovery here or on her bulletin board at I thank you for helping cheer her up. Very best regards,

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