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This contribution fulfills some request for more shots of Kira in all her humid glory. From her sexy damp hair to her moist bod, what isn't there to enjoy? She was in fairly a sassy mood when we spoke online earlier tonight, because when we were talking about these shots online and I commented on how good she looked, and she replied with "yes, but don't we all love it best tho' when I am moist in certain areas?" Even however Kira can be self-conscious about her cootchie (strangely a lot of damsels are), she has always been one to brag about how good it tastes. In fact, we spent a good while discussing that one of the very first times she IM'd me online (before we actually even met up, hooked up, and took pics for our site). I thought it was truly hot that she got revved on degustating herself, and kind of kidding with her I asked how it tasted. When she replied with "like a mix of cinnamon and honey," I told her she couldn't give set it up like that and not produce. I'd say that my boldness has worked out fairly well for all of us!

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Sarah - Dirty Dame Dirty Clothes - Yes, laundry day is a flawless day to take photo's for all my loving voy-zone devotees. I love you guys so much, and with X-mas coming up so swift, I can't believe all the warm E-mails I've been getting already. YOu are all so nice to me, and I indeed hope that you've had a superb time with your families on Thanksgiving. Mine was supreme, as most of you know...I spent time with all my friends from school. This is actually the very first year that I haven't spent with my family. For those of you that don't know, me and all my best of friends (from school) threw our own Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone demonstrated up at my place with a different dish, and we all pitched in cooking the Turkey. naturist in itself is a big glad family. I'm attempting to do my part. These are my pics. I hope that I'm one of your dearest dishes. If you already attempted all the other nymphs listed, give me a taste...but save room for dessert. =)

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