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My "SlutWife" Sans Dirtywords On Her! Glad Holidays To All Of You! :-) Thanks A lot, Larry and My "SlutWife" Carol. Photo Comments: Pic #1 These Are My Bang-out Sub Wife's Beginning To Sag Slightly Tits. :-) Pic #2 Attempting Out A Fresh Promiscuous Xmas Bounty I Got For Her, Works Flawless For What I Want It To Do, Permits Me To See And Play With Her Titties. LOL Pic #3 Ahhhhhhh, The Whore Sundress Is Working Well, Displaying Her As A Fucktoy As She Should Be Displayed. He He Pic #4 Hmmmmm, Could She Be Attempting To Tell Us Something Here? Pic #5 Well, Well, Will You Look At That! She Opened Her Xmas Bounty To Me Early! Just Like The Good "Slut" She Is. She Couldn't Wait! LOL Pic #6 It Didn't Need Batteries So I Attempted It Out Right Then And There! And, Glory Be, It Fit Just Fine! I Kinda Like My Cockslut Whore In This Pic, Do You? Pic #7 Oh, Oh... Another One Of Her Fuckhole's To Fill! Oh Well, I Can Always Call One Of My Fuckbuddies Over Tonight To Use The Bitch! And I Did. LOL Pic #8 That's One Of My Fuck Friends Thumbs Probing Her Cunt, In His Haste To Get Over He Left behind To Bathroom And Clean His Fingernails! We Didn't Give A Hoot Tho Because She's Just A Fuckin Lump Of Meat Bitch, Right? ;-) Pic #9 Time For Her To Commence Displaying Us Her Manstick Sucking Abilities. I've Trained Her Well Over The Years And She Has Now Become A Pretty Good Man sausage Sucking Whore. She Still Needs More Practice Tho! You Can be Sure She Will Be At Our Practice Sessions Whenever She Is Called To Assume The Position Of Any good Cocking Bitch Wherever We Might Be, Including Any Semi Public Place Which, By The Way, She Is Truly Getting Into Liking As It Truly Turns Her On Knowing That On Occasion Total Strangers Both Masculine And Female Have Stopped To Observe Us. Pic #10 She Can Gulp A Semi Hard Dick Pretty Good So Far. And If Your Comments Reflect That She Is A Pretty Good Looking Fuckslut For Her Age And Suggest Other Ways You'd Use This Bitch Wifey Of Mine If I Let You Borrow Her for a Night Or Weekend, Let Us Know For A Possible 2nd Series Of Pics That We Would Submit For Your viewing Pleasure. Signed By My "SlutWifeCarol" and Her Whore Master, Larry. Cheers! PS I Do Treat My Bitch Very Well In All Other Ways So ThatYou "Do Gooders" That Might Think I'm A Total Macho Pig To Her! LO

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During our November honeymoon, Moneypenny lost another bet. No not another OSU Michigan game like last year's bet. This time she lost a late-night, drunken, half-naked ping-pong game. Yes, I did win the 2002 OSU/Michigan bet, but that's another story that hopefully will yield more pictures. By the way, how ‘bout them Buckeyes!!! Anyway, these pictures were taken on the last night of our honeymoon in Jamaica-“mon.” As you can see, Moneypenny spends a fine deal of time in the gym. With PowerFlex, step aerobics, and spin classes, she has sculpted herself into a sleek and sexy hardbody. Of course, she doesn't think so and accordingly spends hours in the gym. Be kind with your comments and maybe we'll get to see more of Moneypenny. Cheers, Bond

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