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So this is the final set from my most latest trip! Hopefully you got to see and love the very first two, and thank you to those of you who wrote me nice comments. I cover my face b/c people I work with frequent naturist and I'd like to keep my job, you know? So, I apologize in advance for those "purists" who need to see my face! These pictures were taken around the motel I was staying at. The one with the starlet is in front of one motel, I thought the spotlight was cool. There is also one picture that I took leaning against a tree, I was astonished when I looked at them afterwards that there is a police car in the picture! It must have been passing on the street as I was taking the picture, which I think is hysterical AND cool! Anyway, hope you love these!

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Lilly - Princess In The Bathroom - Very first off I want to say; All my love to all my aficionados AGAIN, and for those who voted for me into the global ranks. I never thought I would be very first almost a utter month. Geez, you make me perceive so total of myself. I promise that I'm not. I attempt every time I do a contri, to do something different and special with what I got. This time I am in my bathroom, believe it or not this is not where I spend the most time in the mansion. I am not a 2-3 hour to get ready ready dame and I know what its like to wait on vanity. Some of my gfs take an inCredible amount of time to get ready and I?m likE geez?I sense sorry for their boyfriends. I am a wham bam git up and go kinda woman lol?I wore my yellow duckie garment so don?t leave behind about me when you?re splashing one out in the bath. XOXOXO

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