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Sweet little Samantha was begging me to do another shoot with her to post on naturist. After all the negative comments about her last one, “Don’t Ask Nice, in voy-zone” I was panicked, but she said she’d be good this time. Honestly some people have No Sense of Humor about certain things, so this time we left the Satan Tee-shirt at home and went to do a little public flashing. We drove around the City looking for places to have some joy and found a few, albeit if you know anything about Dallas, you’ll know that she flashed at one of the most infamous places in town. As for Emeralds to Coconuts, it’s a truly cool little store, and we’ll have to give them a ass-plug for borrowing their wall. Now before the negative ones commence their nonsense, yes I doctored the passport plate on my friends truck, no we did not faux the flashing shots, yes we had joy venturing arrest, no Samantha is not truly a Satan worshipper she just thought the tee-shirt was nice, yes we will post some shots of Samantha’s pretty little you know what at R/C, as shortly as she gets some positive comments and the hair grows in more, and no, I did not get a BJ for doing this one. Frankly I’m still a little sore, and a lot panicked after the last one where she attempted to pull my D*** off to make the shots look good, even the snake was freaked out on that one! I’d rather risk the cops, and Samantha’s BF then go thru that again so we’ll shoot some softer stuff for a while. Now for the legal stuff: What we did is Illegal in Texas, she’s not my GF, I don’t work for Kate, she’s of legal age, I’m older than I care to admit, and if anybody sees my email tell it to call home.

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